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Committed to the development of arts programs through community building and the creation of sustainable fundraising models.

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fine arts funding


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Fine Arts Funding offers online silent auction events for participating arts organizations

For each organization that registers for an online silent auction, Fine Arts Funding creates an individual auction page.

Members of the community that surround the arts organization are invited to participate in this auction by bidding on items.

At the conclusion of the established auction dates, participants who have placed the highest bids are awarded each of the featured items.

Additionally, this auction site is a place where supporters can make donations or purchase fundraising merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, etc.

“Reach your campaign goals and continually engage your community in supporting the fine arts.”

Have an idea for your program?

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As a division of Manhattan Concert Productions, Fine Arts Funding utilizes years of experience in production, curriculum development, student recruiting, and fundraising.


Our goal is to help arts programs wherever they need it most.

We would love to collaborate with you and your organization, and we encourage you to reach out to us for further information on Fine Arts Funding.

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What is Fine Arts Funding?

How will FAF help me fundraise?

We specialize in two major fundraisers; an online auction and a variety show-style production - both of which can be incorporated into any of your current fundraising methods.



"Building lasting connections and awareness, raising funds for program growth, and having fun in the process!"

Funding for the arts is a challenged resource.

Fine Arts Funding is committed to providing creative, sustainable, and up-to-date methods to raise funds that support fine arts programs in the ways they need it most.

What will my auction page look like?

I'm a first-time bidder!  What do I do?

fine arts funding


"Find funding and enthusiasm in the community!"

Variety Shows




This is fundraising though performance. Using the resources and experiences of our parent production team at Manhattan Concert Productions, FAF will assist in creating and producing an exciting, community-based performance event for you.

We believe this event is most successful when it showcases student and local talent.  It can be purely performance-based, or it can include an element of food and beverage or auction.  Communities love to support their own talent and are especially aware of this format given television shows like ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘The Voice.’

In cooperation with you and your fundraising committee, FAF consultants will create a production schedule including audition and performance dates(s), negotiate the venue, collaborate with necessary school and community officials, suggest an advertising campaign, and manage expenses.

For Program Directors & Administrators:  Either event is a sizeable undertaking. Our process includes the establishment or utilization of a fundraising committee consisting of students, program participants, parents, school officials, and community partners.


We aim to ease the burden of fundraising for directors so they can focus on teaching and program administration.  Our mission includes the creation of dialogue and awareness for sustainable support of the arts in your community.

For Program Parents, Boosters, and Volunteers:  No arts program can thrive without the dedication of the parents, boosters, and volunteers who fill a multitude of functions.  This event is not meant to add to your burden, but to focus fundraising efforts where they can be most effective.


There are always untapped community members waiting for the opportunity to demonstrate the measure of their devotion to a worthy cause.  This event is a chance for them to lend their financial or personal support.

We will work with you to develop and implement a fundraising plan to meet your needs.

We will help navigate avenues of communication within your school or organization, with parents and boosters, with business partners, and with community members.

We will help you publicize your fundraiser, and your program as a whole to generate community support and enthusiasm.

Establish a fundraising committee of students, program participants, parents, school officials, and community members to create a sustainable fundraising management team.

The goal is to produce an event that draws a broad audience - - those who know your program, and those that do not.

Your auction page will be branded specifically to your organization including colors and logos.  Each auction has a specific Fine Arts Funding code & landing page URL (web address) that you can share with your community.


Supporters can use this information to access your auction homepage, view items on the block, and register as bidders.

On your internet browser’s address bar, enter the landing page URL (web address) provided to you by your organization of interest.


On this page, you may enter the auction’s Fine Arts Funding code into the field provided.  This will take you to the auction’s homepage.


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